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Mention health and safety to most people and they either see it as a necessary evil or have some story to tell where health and safety is over the top, gone mad or it’s just common sense. To a certain degree there is an amount of sympathy with these views, the popular press has over the years utilised the extremes to mock and lambast a subject that to all intent and purpose is there to stop people being hurt and to save lives.

Those that understand this and have a more realistic and pro-active view towards health and safety not only reap the rewards in terms of reducing accidents and hurting less people, they can also gain financially by reducing losses and down time due to accidents. Increased efficiency and process compliance also contribute to a better business.

This can all be achieved through a strategy that is focussed on the risks the business faces, targeting pro-active activities and initiatives such as risk assessment, clear and consistent operating procedures and most of all an empowered and trained workforce, understanding the risks they face and dealing with them appropriately.

We have developed strategies and improvement plans across a range of industries including, logistics, nuclear, retail, construction and defence. In all cases, clear and measurable improvements have been made. If you are interested in learning more or gaining some insight into what this might look like for you, give us a call and we can give you some no obligation advice.

Health and safety integrated into your business makes great sense, better for your staff and better for your customers and better for your business.