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There has been much in the media about how the pandemic has affected people’s mental health and well-being; and solid research prior to the pandemic showing how significant the sickness absence rates are for stress. This translates to personal and financial cost to our businesses and to our people across the country.

It is time to take a holistic approach to managing mental health stress factors in our organisations, so we can start to proactively manage this risk.

July 2021 saw the launch of a new ISO standard – ISO 45003 – which looks at managing psychosocial risk in the workplace.  It gives a structure for businesses to manage the different areas of psychosocial risk in a framework, more similar to how other health and safety risks are already assessed and controlled within our workplaces.

DMA Safety Management are working with Lakeland Capabilities – a psychologist-based practice in Cumbria – to create a combined process, which marries the psychological and management of health and safety risk approaches.

We have developed an assessment tool, PsychSafe, to assist businesses in understanding where they are now, then using the results to make interventions to manage relevant risk factors for organisations.

If you want to know more please get in touch with Elsa, as we’d love to tell you more about this exciting new business tool.