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5 Top Tips for Appointing Competent People

We all know we have a duty to appoint competent health and safety advice for our business, so what are our choices?

Internal vs. External

Internal competent advice can sometimes be best for businesses who need a large amount of resource and can justify full time posts, or …

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Why Health and Safety Together?

Health and Safety is an integral part of the business landscape in all types of organisations, and yet we are bombarded with examples in the media of poor application of these principles.

As business professionals, we all want

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Is Health and Safety in your ‘mean to do’ pile?

We all have things sitting on our desks or niggling in the back of our minds that we know need doing in the business we work in; if only the day to day priorities would stop for long enough for us to get to them. Often issues with or improvement in health and safety are included in this ‘mean to do’ list.

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